Seeking Counseling

What are some good reasons to see a counselor?

There are a lot of good reasons to speak with a counselor. Many of the people who sit down with me might say they felt “stuck.”  It can be any part of life, but we all feel stuck sometimes. Some of these things can be very hard. A counselor can help another see options they may not have seen before, or help them find courage to take a next step. I love helping people do that.

Do you see couples?

I really enjoy seeing couples. Relationships aren’t always easy for any of us, even when they have had a strong foundation. Yet most of our change in life comes from our relationship with others.

Do you see children?

Yes, and I have experience providing play therapy for a variety of ages. I also work with adolescents with a specialty in adolescent girls (though as a mother, I’ve raised two adolescent boys of my own!)

How do other counselees describe your counseling style?

Those I’ve seen often tell me that they feel very safe with me, and I’m so very glad to hear that. I believe when we don’t feel judged by another person, it gives us a space to challenge ourselves.

How does counseling therapy work?

Counseling works a bit like a safe playground or gym for our emotions and spirit. We can explore solutions, or learn and practice skills, or incorporate experiences that may be new to us or difficult. We can try on emotions before we have to take them into real live relationships in work, family, and life.

If someone is considering seeing you, how do they take the next step?

It’s not hard at all: just give me a call at 217-766-7368.  You are welcome to contact me via email (, if you prefer but I can not ensure that it is confidential. When you call, we can talk a little bit about you, and see if it makes sense to schedule a time to meet. Our first session is usually my chance to really hear your story, and a place for you to ask me questions as well. I think it takes two to three sessions to decide if a counselor works for you (sort of like dating!), so we can just start with that. If it seems that this may be helpful for you, I really do look forward to hearing from you.

What are your official therapist credentials?

I am a State of Illinois Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) with 9 years of clinical experience.  I hold an MA in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois (1993) and a BS in Psychology, University of Illinois (1991).

Do you have a religious or spiritual approach?

For many clients, their faith is an important aspect of their lives. I honor my clients’ spiritual beliefs and incorporate their faith into counseling if desired.  If that is not desired, I will honor your worldview and often see those who do not hold to Christian or any other faith.

What is your counseling approach?

If I were speaking to another counselor, I’d say that I am trained in both cognitive behavioral and interpersonal approaches, with case experience including parenting issues, play therapy, abuse and neglect, relationship issues, depression and anxiety, grief and loss.  I am also trained to provide EMDR therapy.

Why did you choose to be trained as a licensed counselor?

It’s not just that I’m a natural listener (although that certainly helps!). But it’s mostly that I believe all people are truly fascinating and beautiful. I love hearing stories: even stories that feel broken right now. And there is is this feeling when we reach the end of a session and we realize we’ve successfully confronted something that was very hard, or gained a new insight that—flash!— changes the way the world looks to us—I love being able to be a part of that moment.